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One app to manage URLs

Add your links  

Either if you are a blogger or have a business website, if you manage profiles on socials or use to browse the internet for your interests, this new app is available for passionate people like you!

Upload your links to get more audience in a secure way: URLs are monitored by Moderate Content to prevent adult-only websites to be uploaded

You might change the privacy to show or hide your links to the public: if you set it private, only you have access to it

Stay organised

Arrange your stuff into custom coloured folders: choose among a rainbow colour palette and a nice collection of glyphs

You can group together links according to your criteria and create many folders

Make it easy for you to manage your data

Free Plan: you will access the default Uploads folder and have an upload limit of 3 links/month.

Buy the Premium Plan to unlock the features

Share your stuff

When you upload a new link, by default the privacy is set to Public because people want to know what you are interested in

All the public links appear in the main view of the app: that’s where everyone can see what other users have uploaded

You can share your favourite receipts, songs, videos, blogs, social profiles, public campaigns, apps, beta test links, articles, products or any other link you want other people will visit

Keywords are smart

Tags make your links easy to find: other users will see them searching by keywords

This app can find tags within the metadata of the HTML source and in the images but you should add many other keywords in order to ensure high accuracy in the search

You can set tags when uploading a new link and edit them whenever you want

There is no need to add any hashtag symbol before the words when you are typing in

Feed your interests

To find something you are interested in, just search it!

From the main view, tap the magnifier to show the search bar

Type the keywords that better match with your expectation and look for the links people have shared

When you find a link you want to see again, tap the Heart to save it into your Likes folder

Links  in folders are arranged by decreasing modification date

Notification means information

When a user likes one of your public links, you will be notified: that’s why it is prompted the authorization request

You can check how many people liked you content and get your stuff very popular

Access the notifications from the main view of the app tapping the bell

Remember to allow iOS to deliver you notifications and that you can change your preference any time in the Settings app

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